Welcome to the Australian Hwa Rang Taekwondo Academy


I’m glad that you decided to stop by for a visit. On behalf of everyone at Australian Hwa Rang Tae Kwon Do, I would like to welcome you and hope that your visit to our website will be an enjoyable one.

My belief is that Hwa Rang Tae Kwon Do trained people are self-confident, not only in physical aspects but also in their mental discipline because they have developed greater techniques for personal defence by using their entire bodies. His or her entire body is a weapon and is easily able to attack and beat off an attacker with hands, fist, elbow, knees, feet or any other part of his body.

The most important fact about Hwa Rang Tae Kwon Do as a martial art sport is that it is not only a superior art of self-defence, but it adds remarkable plus to its students. Self-confidence makes people generous in their attitudes towards weaker people. The practice of taekwondo gives individuals the mental attitude of modesty. The qualities of modesty and generosity are fundamentally based on self-confidence.

It is obvious that healthy bodies make people active and powerful. Such mental and physical self-confidence are useful to the mental life.


Grand Master Myung Man Kim