Rank: 3rd Dan Black Belt

Favourite kick: Jumping Reverse Turning Kick, Flying Side Kick

Most Inspirational People: Grand Master Myung Man Kim, Nelson Mandella, Steven Gerard (Liverpool FC) and my mum

Training Highlights:

Teaching and doing Hwa Rang Do with my wife and two young boys.


Started training with my twin Mark (currently 2nd Dan Black Belt HRD QLD) back in 1986 at Mounties under Master Kim and trained up until 1994. Trained in other forms of Kung Fu (Shoalin) and Hapkido for the next 4yrs. Returned to Hwarangdo in 2010 to continue my journey with Grand Master Myung Man Kim.
On my journey, the Hwa Rang Do that I learnt with Grand Master Kim has greatly influenced and shaped my life, with success in tertiary learning, my career and with family (my wife Rayghaan and my two boys Omar and Edrees, who all train HRD).
Under Grand Master Kim’s guidance, I have trained harder, become more focused and more driven to achieve my goals than I have ever been in my life. To be the best that I can be.

With the fantastic support from Grand Master Kim, Master Steven, Master Shane and the rest of the instructors I have been able to achieve my 1st Dan in 2012. I am blessed to have Hwa Rang Do in my life.