Rank: 2nd Dan Black Belt

Year started training: 1993

Favourite kick: Speedy High Rising

Training highlights:
Receiving instruction from Grand Master Kim and his dedicated senior instructors. I’ve enjoyed winning places in the Hwa Rang Do tournaments and competitions over the years and enjoy the process of coaching the next generation of practitioners.

Most inspirational person: Eddie Mabo – for his campaign for indigenous land rights and his success in the landmark Australian High Court decision overturning the legal doctrine of terra nullius (the land belonging to nothing or no one).


I started training in Hwa Rang Do as a university student in Newcastle in 1992. I immediately enjoyed the challenge of learning an art form that was physical, required concentration, co-ordination, thought, practice, patience, humility, humour, respect, and fun. The self- defence training has contributed to my confidence while travelling across East Africa, the Americas and other backpacking destinations around the world.

I have had the privilege of teaching classes with New Lambton, The Newcastle University clubs, and now Newcastle Inner City (Cooks Hill club).


Newcastle Inner City