Rank: 4th Dan Black Belt

Year started training: 1990

Favourite kick: Turning kick

Training highlights: Winning tournaments, teaching in Mexico City, teaching at Hwa Rang Do Campsie

Most inspirational person: my son, Benjamin


I started training Wu Shu (a type of Kung Fu) when I was in primary school then joined the Hwa Rang Taekwondo Academy at the University of Newcastle in 1990. I did two years of kick boxing while living overseas, but for most of my career, I have been pure Hwa Rang Do. Over the years I have fought in club tournaments, the University games and the South East Australian Open but these days my main focus is teaching. I have a graduate diploma in education (secondary) and worked as a high school science teacher for several years.

While living in Mexico City I taught Hwa Rang Do for the Children’s University – an outreach program that provides after school activities and educational opportunities for disadvantaged families. This was a career highlight and showed me the positive influence that martial arts training can have on people, even if they are doing it tough.

I have been teaching twice per week at the Campsie dojo since 2010, where I deliver classes that are mindful and deliberate. Campsie students receive all of the benefits of good martial arts training, including self-defence, fitness, strength, flexibility, confidence, improved body awareness and better concentration. Hwa Rang Do Campsie is like a big family. It’s great seeing everyone develop and improve.