Rank: 4th Dan Black Belt

Year started training: 1989

Favourite kick: Straight right

Training highlights: Teaching Hwarangdo for an outreach program for kids from poor families at the Children’s University, Mexico

Most inspirational person: The Dalai Lama


I started training Wu Shu (a type of Kung Fu) when I was in primary school then joined the Hwa Rang Taekwondo Academy at the University of Newcastle in 1990. I fought in the University games, the South East Australian Open and local Hunter Valley tournaments. I was awarded my first Dan in 1993. I’ve trained Hwa Rang Do ever since and have taught at three clubs: North Sydney (in the late 90’s), Newcastle (2000-02) and Mexico City (2007-08). I was awarded my 4th Dan in 2009.

While living in Mexico City I taught Hwa Rang Do for the Children’s University – an outreach program that provides after school activities and educational opportunities for kids from poor families. This was a career highlight and showed me the positive influence that martial arts training can have on people. At the same time I trained with a local kick boxing club and was very pleased to find that Hwa Rang Do techniques and training can be applied to other types of sparring.